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Targeted Case Manager (Adult and Children)
The Case Manager is to provide direct service to clients who have a serious mental illness or emotional disorder and their families. The primary goals of the case manager are to promote as much independent living in the community as possible and reduce the chance of psychiatric emergency service contacts and hospitalizations. The case manager is to access, coordinate and monitor the resources and services available to the consumer and their family. In addition the Case Manager should provide support, training and assistance required for a safe and healthy community life promoted through stability in relationships, housing and education. Job Status: Full Time
Masterís degree in social work, psychology, rehabilitation, activity therapies, counseling or education and three (3) years mental health direct care experience; Bachelorís degree with major course work in sociology, social work, psychology, gerontology, anthropology, political science, history, criminal justice, theology, counseling, education (or be a registered nurse) and five (5) years direct care experience Ė two (2) years of which include supervisory. OR Targeted Case Managers who are not mental health professionals as defined above must possess one of the following: a Bachelorís degree with concentration in sociology, social work, psychology, gerontology, anthropology, criminal justice, theology, nursing, counseling or education plus two (2) years of mental health direct care experience; OR a qualifying Registered Nurse must be licensed and have experience with duties that are strictly limited to Intensive Case Management plus two (2) years of mental health direct care experience; proof of current automobile insurance with minimum limits of $100,000 per occurrence and $300,000 aggregate.
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The Children's Central Intake Unit is the gateway into our programs serving children between the ages of 3-17. The intake process begins with referrals via telephone or face-to-face contact and is accomplished by a comprehensive initial evaluation. Consumers and families are then referred to an appropriate service within the agency or to an outside agency.
The Adult Intake Unit is the entry point into adult outpatient services where an initial intake assessment is performed and followed with an evaluation provided by Masters level clinicians and licensed psychiatrists respectively. Adults can also be admitted into various programs by referral from DBH or CBH.
The Educational Services Division's Mission is to provide a safe and structured educational environment where children and adolescents can be nurtured. We bring passion and commitment to the children in our care and understand and appreciate their differences and challenges. We recognize the "diamond in the rough" and seek to resuscitate the resilient spirit within.


Community Council is a drug free workplace and staff must have current (dated within 3 months of hire) Child Abuse, PA Criminal and FBI Clearances.

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