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The Children's Central Intake Unit is the gateway into our programs serving children between the ages of 3-17. The intake process begins with referrals via telephone or face-to-face contact and is accomplished by a comprehensive initial evaluation. Consumers and families are then referred to an appropriate service within the agency or to an outside agency.
The Adult Intake Unit is the entry point into adult outpatient services where an initial intake assessment is performed and followed with an evaluation provided by Masters level clinicians and licensed psychiatrists respectively. Adults can also be admitted into various programs by referral from DBH or CBH.
The Educational Services Division's Mission is to provide a safe and structured educational environment where children and adolescents can be nurtured. We bring passion and commitment to the children in our care and understand and appreciate their differences and challenges. We recognize the "diamond in the rough" and seek to resuscitate the resilient spirit within.


The Mobile Support Services (MSS) Program (formerly the Mobile Rehabilitative Services (MRS) program) provides ongoing supports to individuals in recovery who live in their own residence. These supports promote recovery and resilience; provide services to meet the tenant's needs; enable tenants to maintain a stable residence for independent living; assist tenants in maximizing their capacity for independent living; and promote the development of support services for tenants. Program referrals come from the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services (DBHiDS) and are determined through a screening process based on a set of medical criterion. Once accepted to the program, a comprehensive assessment is performed within 7 days.

Our program's slogan is: "To assist individuals on the path of becoming..."

Our philosophy is: "To provide quality service and to ensure continuity of care for all persons receiving support"

Phone: (215) 473-7033
ext: 7178

Fax: (215) 477-0182